About Us

Chelsea is an Artisan Photographer with a decade of experience working with couples & families to create gorgeous, timeless imagery in both on-location and studio settings.


Nate is a Web Developer with a background in Photography & IT, and specializes in making people’s lives and businesses easier to manage.

Chelsea Richardson


Chelsea Richardson is a photographer with experience working with a variety of clientele in both on-location and studio settings. She specializes in portraiture, weddings and artisan product work. She has a strong eye for detail and design along with a passion for artistry.

Chelsea earned an Associate of Science for Photography from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in December of 2008 while running a freelance photography business servicing the Greater Philadelphia Area. Chelsea then managed a boutique portrait studio in Central Pennsylvania where she honed her business and studio photography skills while simultaneously continuing her freelance business.

Chelsea has an impeccable understanding of light, which makes her very versatile in a wide range of venues. Whether it is in a baby’s nursery, a dimly lit wedding reception, or a wide open field – she knows how to unobtrusively work with her surroundings and capture the moment every time.

Nate Richardson

Software Developer / Photographer

Nate Richardson is a Software Developer with a background in Photography. He also helps make people’s lives and businesses easier to manage with personalized small business IT consulting.

Nate has almost a decade of experience and a penchant for the details of minimalist, responsive design. Nate began his career with the web by employing self-taught responsive design techniques and customizing content management systems. After completing his degree in Web Development and Design at the Harrisburg Area Community College, Nate has been steadily working with both small businesses privately as well as medium to large businesses in one of his positions at a small consulting firm.

Described as ambitious and passionate, Nate excels at optimizing technology and developing code aimed at helping others do what they love, better.